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off with the birdies

Now I don’t have the biggest inventory but I have a shocking memory which really sucks when you try to style lol its nothing like going through your rl wardrobe now isn’t it?  A mate of mine asked me today about these shoes and she linked me a picture to


Jacket: Bliss Couture ! Bliss Fur ! Mccullough Fur Jacket (Choco) by Amutey DeCuir tp here Lipstick: PIDIDDLE – LipColor- Truly Naked / GappedTeeth / by Bru (brutus.martinek) tp here Glasses: Paper Couture P.C; Black Desire Glasses Gloves: LaGyo_Zarema gloves Pompei Hair: .: vive nine :. Poland Highlander Bun in

perfect summer ensembles GizzA – Blossom Outfits soooo cute!

Look 1 Look 2 Photographer: AntoniaXp Again another winning combo by the genious behind Gizza.  The skirts are just perfect for the sl summer and so each to mix and match them.  The belt is just built perfectly with flawless features.  The loose top is just stunning on and also

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