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(Vanguard) My Fair Lady

Stage: ~Tableau Vivant~ Prop art ~ Lake Bodom Fairy Tales  Event2012 Shoes: (Vanguard)Mcqueen Bone Shoes – Beige by Rollyn Parisa (rollyn) tp here Dress: (Vanguard) My Fair Lady by Rollyn Parisa (rollyn) tp here Jewelry: Donna Flora ADELE coral set by Squinternet Larnia tp here Hair: booN UAN168 hair blonde and booN gathered raised hairbase blonde (sold separately)

(Vanguard) Dungeon

(Vanguard) Dungeon – Mesh by Rollyn Parisa (rollyn) tp here (Vanguard) Mcqueen Bone Shoes – Black by Rollyn Parisa (rollyn) tp here F I N E S M I T H- Aesthetic Value- wooden set, earrings, bracelet, ring and necklace  by yula Finesmith tp here [LeLutka]-ULA 2.0 hair – Powder tp here

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