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Maybe @N21
 ..S..: Plexi Glass Visor – Chrome JaePreme Resident 

Maybe @N21
Astralia – Rock nails with HUD (Bento) L$350 Astralia Resident

Boots: #EMPIRE – Tithonia (unpacked) QUEENshop Resident @Kustom9
@Uber  SEUL – Patched Body – Princess Vo Pralou 

@Uber  SEUL – Patched Bomber – Hunter Vo Pralou 
@Genesis Lab
Genesis_Head_Eva_3.0 Bento L$4000 GenesisLab Resident

HUD_Genesis_Lab_Eyelashes_Applier_3.0_MIEKO_LASHES L$250 GenesisLab Resident

Genesis_Lab_Asian_Hair_base_HUD 3.0 L$300  GenesisLab Resident

HUD_Genesis_Lab_Skin_MIEKO_TOFFEE L$500 GenesisLab Resident

Genesis_Maitreya_Appliers_All_Tones_3.0 L$200 GenesisLab Resident

Genesis_Vista_Hands_Appliers_All_Tones_3.0 L$200

Maitreya Mesh Body Lara @Maitreya

-VA-VISTA ANIMATIONS–VENDOR  Vista Barnes @Vista Animations 





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What a gorgeous little dress and I totally love the sexy split!  I had a lot of fun styling it with my Uberhaul!

I am just adoring the furniture that has been popping up all over the grid with the recent events. I managed to style my house just the way I like it.

Dress: [ZE] Kayomi Asian Purple Dress Creator Fuzz Lennie

Shoes: Eudora 3D Reverie Wedges  Eudora3D Resident @Uber

Hair: little bones. Windsong – Landslide @Uber

Necklace: Foxes – Tarot – Necklace – Gold @Uber

Head piece: Foxes – Spiritualist – Head Piece – Gold Pack Creator nina Helix @N21

Chest and arm tattoo: .Identity. Body Shop – Guenkyo .Identity. Body Shop – Appliers Hud [Guenkyo] Creator Melissa Hindrabar @Anybody Event

Mesh Body: Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V2.1– Lara Creator Onyx LeShelle

Hands: Slink  AvEnhance Hands Female – Mouse Creator Siddean Munro


junk. boho curtain. Creator: Tab Tatham  @Uber

unk. boho spring bench.Creator: Tab Tatham  @Uber

 junk. round boho rug. turquoise Creator: Tab Tatham  @Uber

Toro. Wallhanging + Lights {Mandala} Creator Jammeh Resident

 N4RS BOHO Sideboard MF Creator alecat Breda @Uber

 [ARIA] Willa bedroom SET (32 LI as on display)  Creator Yelo Uriza @Uber

:CP: Delilah Set – Earth Creator Isla Gealach @Uber

Apple Fall  AF His Sideboard RARE 1 x 2  Creator Apple (warehousefifteendesigns)

Wall texture:  Empire I Brick & Concrete Walls @Marketplace

Floor texture: [K.O.] – Ragged Wood II – Seamless Distressed Wood @Marketplace

Love Ananya Mai

Ricochet, you take your aim Fire away, fire away

Untitled jpg

[LeLutka]-RICOCHET suit – BW Creator Thora Charron  @ Uber

Description: [LeLutka]-VAGUE hair/Light Blonde Creator Thora Charron  @ Uber

Maitreya Thigh High Boots – Taupe Leather  (mesh) – Creator Onyx LeShelle tp here

#TheMeshProject (BETA) Deluxe Body(f) @The Mesh Project.

#TheMeshProject (BETA) Head(f) – Fierce (Deluxe) @The Mesh Project.

#TheMeshProject (BETA) Deluxe Feet(f) Bare/Low/Mid/High/Ouch! @The Mesh Project.

#TheMeshProject (BETA) Deluxe Hands @The Mesh Project.

Skin: ItGirls – Florrie Summer V2 – WB (ItGirls – Florrie #TheMeshProject Applier – Summer) creator Annie Jolifaunt tp here


Love Ananya Mai

come out of the darkness.. and into the light my dear

come into the light jpg

come into the light I jpg

come into the light II jpg

This place is so surreal and stunning.  I don’t want to leave…… this music has captured my soul and the beauty of this architecture is magnificent.  A sight to behold.

Top: Vive9 .: ryvolter :. Frith Knit Ribbed Crop – Cream Creator Inna Bilavio @ Uber

Skirt: Vive9  .: ryvolter :. Frith Knit Ribbed Crop – Cream Creator Inna Bilavio @ Uber

Hair: little bones. Lovestruck – Ombre&Roots Creator Nova (nova.faerye) @ Uber

Rings:  LUXE. – Dainty Ring Bracelet ULTRA RARE, LUXE. – Dainty Ring-Mustache RARE LUXE. – Dainty Ring-V GOLD – Creator Khal Dover (jaycee.dover) tp here

Hand tattoo: Paperbag. Elephant Queen creator K.Whippington (kex.blackheart) tp here 

Hands: Slink AvEnhance Hands Female – Gesture creator Siddean Munro tp here

Heels: _CandyDoll_ Giselle Black Creator CandyDoll™ (rebeca.dembo) @ Uber

#TheMeshProject (BETA) Deluxe Body(f) @The Mesh Project.

#TheMeshProject (BETA) Head(f) – Fierce (Deluxe) @The Mesh Project.

#TheMeshProject (BETA) Deluxe Feet(f) Bare/Low/Mid/High/Ouch! @The Mesh Project.

Skin: ItGirls – Florrie Summer V2 – WB (ItGirls – Florrie #TheMeshProject Applier – Summer) creator Annie Jolifaunt tp here

Zaara : Banjara silver choker from Collarbor88 tp here however it was last week so may not be available.. creator is Zaara Kohime and her mainstore is here

Location: Memento mori Chouchou Official Region When you land, you will be offered a Hud.  Wear it.  Listen to the music. you will not regret

and Dahlia shall have your heart

Baiastice_Dahlia dress-black jpg

Baiastice_Dahlia dress-black III jpg

Baiastice_Dahlia dress-black I jpg

I remember some years ago that I really wanted a Dame Vaako gown from The Chronicles of Riddick made in SecondLife.  Thandie Newton looked sooooooo incredibly beautiful and the amazing spine decor that ran down her spine blew me away.  At the time, there wasn’t a lot of mesh going around in-world and when I asked my designer friends to make it, I was told, it wasn’t going to happen.

Now, I log in to see that the Baiaste Dahlia dress sold at Uber has a similar spine decoration and I was giggling like mad as I was right click buying!  Even though wearing The Mesh Project body has limited my options, I didn’t care.  I needed to get in on this action!

So I tped home and unwrapped like a mofo lol and and and… with a little edits to my shape I got it to fit!!!  Can I get a woot weert?!!

So here she is.  Totally IN LOVE with this dress!  So happy to have it XD

Baiastice_Dahlia dress-black-size M (comes with Collar) at Uber

* Baiastice_Dahlia Hat-black at Uber

[LeLutka]-EFFECT hair – Powder

#TheMeshProject (BETA) Deluxe Body(f) @The Mesh Project.

#TheMeshProject (BETA) Head(f) – Fierce (Deluxe) @The Mesh Project.

#TheMeshProject (BETA) Deluxe Hands(f) – Natural Pose(l) and (r) @The Mesh Project.

Location: ~Mysterious Wave~ The Dark Swamp