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(Vanguard) My Fair Lady

Stage: ~Tableau Vivant~ Prop art ~ Lake Bodom Fairy Tales  Event2012 Shoes: (Vanguard)Mcqueen Bone Shoes – Beige by Rollyn Parisa (rollyn) tp here Dress: (Vanguard) My Fair Lady by Rollyn Parisa (rollyn) tp here Jewelry: Donna Flora ADELE coral set by Squinternet Larnia tp here Hair: booN UAN168 hair blonde and booN gathered raised hairbase blonde (sold separately)

feathers of a dark swan

Another wonderful random moment in sl.  I was at my favorite sim Mysterious Wave and I meet this gorgeous girl RottenRosae (reesekylan).  We are flickr and facebook friends but never met inworld until now 😀  we hit it off and she was so kind as to share some lms.. One of which

!! BASQUE !! is just very lush!

  !! BASQUE  !! Mini Halter Dress – Leopard/Black !! BASQUE  !! Mini Halter Dress – Red !! BASQUE  !! Mini Halter Dress – Steele Blue !! BASQUE  !! Mini Halter Dress – Musk   !! BASQUE  !! Modern Princess Gown – Hot Pink   !! BASQUE  !! Modern Princess

new artistic creations at *SoliDea FoliEs*

Photographer: Cornelia Dyrssen   You just have to go through my blog to see that I am a lover of the arts that come out of *SoliDea FoliEs* and these new releases are just memorizing.  The set is from ~Tableau Vivant~  and I am just adoring it.   Skin: *LpD* Skins – *Laetitia*

squealing over Vita’s Boudoir

  Photographer: Monica Zemenis Photographer: Monica Zemenis Photographer: Polsi artis Outfit 1: -Glam Affair – Sakura skin – Natural BR_A 02 booN gathered raised hairbase blonde Dress: ***SUN*** by Vita’s Boudoir tp here Finesmith Ocollection O3 earrings by yula Finesmith tp here http://slurl.com/secondlife/GULF%20COAST/222/119/22 Miamai_Donna Bun Gold  Blonde Stiletto Moody Bare Elizabeth (Gold Diamante) Outfit 2:

gazing at **GizzA** focusing on Finesmith sparkles

I tried for hours to log into SL and I think I need some help for my SL addiction.  I was literally having a break down over it.  I had a show on and the torture of not getting in was not healthy lol.  I logged several tickets and I

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