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Boudoir Gothic Lolita new release!

Boudoir Gothic Lolita (complete outfit, hair, stockings, umbrella, heels but hat not included) Boudoir Real Love Hat Location: The Dark Swamp

NEW RELEASE : ezura + MESH . Sophie Gothic Gown

100% mesh brocade gothic gown in 6 colors. Available in 5 sizes. VIP 50% OFF for a limited time offer! * Look for the “RED” vendor by NEW RELEASE :  ezura + MESH . Sophie Gothic Gown  Ezura Xue tp here ezura + MAI Gothic Spiked Leather Collar * Unisex red Setby Ezura

this dress is called Emo ……she is by Vita’s Boudoir

.. for the most part.. I’m just bouncing around.. searching for my next virtual closet high.. through this journey.. I have found friends.. and experiences that are very real… and you get to have a digital cuppa.. with someone ..on the other side of the world.. and sometimes… that person..

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