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she is rare

  The pink and black hat *SoliDea FoliEs* Di sole e d’azzurro_pink black hat is an exclusive for Fan Limited Store at the special price of 100L$ and only in 50 limited piece after it will be no more available in the stores Tp to *SoliDea FoliEs* at Fan Limited

she wants to dance

ONE POUND BRACELET (forearm attachment) gold bake by Shade Throne  by Undo Hermano  tp here THE ONE POUND NECKLACE gold bake by Shade Throne by Shade Throne by Undo Hermano  tp here THE EMPIRE earrings gold by Shade Throne by Shade Throne by Undo Hermano  tp here [[SHADE THRONE]] LOVALOT BRACELET (forearm piece A) by Shade Throne by

flowers are about… Miss Mexico!

  Hello again!  Here is the beautiful gown by Boudoir made for the stunning skylei Byron Miss Mexico 2012 Photographer: ℂaɳdƴсørɳ ™ (cornelia.dyrssen) her flickr here Outfit: Boudoir Miss Virtual World / Miss Mexico gown tp here Candy Nail #P045 Swallowtail Gold*LE -Glam Affair-Linn MedTan 06 R.icielli – EOS eyeliner #7 Exile Venus/brownsugar

*SoliDea FoLiEs* Marinella is a special rare gift to SL

.. and she will display her love.. for Him to see.. caged within the white.. she will dance.. a dance which only He shall see.. she will hold her umbrella high and proudly for she balance herself high.. for Him.. the one that has her heart and soul until the

BoHo HoBo guilt free shopping for the win!

Hi my name is Ananya Mai and I am a SL Shopoholic.  😛 Yes I come here to play ultimate paper dolls. I love getting dressed up doing shows and loool it really reminds me of the ultimate playing of Barbie Dolls like infinity times more fun. What I love

New Release by Countdown….Edith!!

Photographer: AntoniaXp Resident Dress: Countdown.Edith BY AntoniaXp Resident tp here Stockings: Countdown.Stocking V2 BY AntoniaXp Resident tp here Earrings: Virtual Impressions Madison Black Pearl Earrings by Chrissy Ambrose tp here   Skin: -Glam Affair- Gio Light – D HB 12 by あいーだ まじっく (aida.ewing) tp http://slurl.com/secondlife/Beauty%20Avatar%20couture/163/134/24 Gloves: +ROZOREGALIA+*BOUHACHI*GLOVE +ROZOREALIA+*BOUHACHI*GLOVE/1(L) Necklace: +ROZOREGALIA+*BOUHACHI*FURNECKLACE/(L)(chest) Pipe: +ROZOREGALIA+*BOUHACHI*PIPE(A)Si/R  

New Release + eX + Lady Marionette Ezura

Photographer: NatalieWells Resident Look 1 Outfit: + eX + Lady Marionette *Black by Ezura Xue tp here Boots: + ezura + Lace Ankle Boots *Black by Ezura Xue tp here Skin: – Glam Affair – Sakura BL HB – TDR 27 by あいーだ まじっく (aida.ewing) tp http://slurl.com/secondlife/Beauty%20Avatar%20couture/163/134/24  (not sure if this skin is still available though) Francesca Earring  in

dark gothic queen + eX + Lady Marionette *

Photographer: NatalieWells  Resident Photographer: AntoniaXp Resident Getting my role play on and getting into the fabulous designers of Ezura + eX +.  Check out this gorgeous new release Lady Marionette! Comes in black, peach and chocolate ❤ Look 1 Outfit: + eX + Lady Marionette *Chocolate (includes gloves and hat) by Ezura Xue tp

Without love,we are just birds with broken wings.

this blog is titled after the quote in Vitabela Dubrovna’s profile.  I love it A big thank you to my friend AZULL Ash for taking this photo for me.  I love it ❤ hugs Outfit:  Broken Wings by Vita’s Boudoir Hair: wings  updo platinum by Vita’s Boudoir Headpiece: Little Birdie Hat by Vita’s Boudoir Skin: -Tres

mixing it up

This is the outfit I put together for the AVENUE look contest but I didn’t get to submit in time.  Pretty much everything I am wearing can be bought from the AVENUE sim http://slurl.com/secondlife/AVENUE%20at%20GOL/45/153/22 The wonderful Aleida Rhode took these photos and i just love love love them she is a

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