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+ eX + Breha Organa

Photographer: NatalieWells  Another gorgeous   † eX † e z u r a  X u e Queen Amidala inspired gown for the Star Wars fashion show By Solo Evane. Dress: + eX + Breha Organa SW Set by Ezura Xue tp here FINESMITH ISABELLA SILVER (earrings and haircomb) by yula Finesmith tp here -dDx- Urchin Hairbase – Raven Black by Kallisti Burns Nuuna’s

+ eX + Sabe

Photographer: NatalieWells  My favorite alternative designer Ezura Xue of † eX † e z u r a  X u e recently showcased four beautifully Queen Amidala inspired gowns at the Star Wars fashion show By Solo Evane. I will make sure to blog each dress because they are STUNNING and styling them was just

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