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all about moii part III

Look 1 Photographer: Priscila Olrich Okies, I haven’t burnt out *yet* I am still on a roll to blog every outfit named after me or inspired lol See Part 1 here and Part 2  here 🙂 Dress: auTre Ananya by Rory Tremont (aurora.tremont) *not sure if her store is still  inworld but

They say be afraid, you’re not like the others, futuristic lovers, different DNA – EZURA PRESENTS E.T!

Photographer: Kira Castiglione Photographer:  Priscila Olrich Photographer:  Priscila Olrich Photographer: 기정 (kira.castiglione) Photographer: 기정 (kira.castiglione) DEVOUT FAN OF EZURA  + eX + Black outfit Outfit:  + eX + Avant Garde E.T Outfit *Black (without prim skirts you get three prim skirts with outfit) by Ezura Xue http://slurl.com/secondlife/Vardimorg/189/199/80 Boots: + eX

auTre for the win .. period

  Photographer: Priscila Olrich Ok every outfit at auTre rocks.. they are funky fresh and the wonderful creative who I just love to death, Aurora Tremont (aka Rory) never fails to make each out as cute as be .. then filled with the most AMAZING textures! This dress is just so

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