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the Boudoir Violet haze at Fairy Tales 2012

Photographer: .:Natalie:. (nataliewells) Stylist and Photographer: Ananya Mai Outfit: Boudoir  Violet haze at Fairy Tales 2012 Bashes: Boudoir    Butterfly lashes   by   Violet Haze  at Fairy Tales 2012 Hair: Boudoir    Flower hair  Boudoir  Violet Haze  at Fairy Tales 2012 Wings: Boudoir   Lace wings Violet Haze at Fairy Tales 2012 Skin: 15   Fairy Skin -Avie- /*medusa *REDGRAVE* tp here Feet: Similar Barefeet tp here

looking ever so attractive in Gizza

Photographer: .:Natalie:. (nataliewells) Thank the universe its Friday.  Now to cruise in Mayfair with my partner in crime Boots: + eX + MAI eXtreme Ankle Boots Set *Red by Ezura Xue tp here Jewelry: Finesmith Molecule earrings and Necklace old group gift by yula Finesmith tp here Outfit: GizzA – Attractive Black – Mesh [Red] (includes

the undeniable pull of the Couture Vortex by Boudoir

Photographer: .:Natalie:. (nataliewells) Model and Stylist: Ananya Mai Outfit: Couture Vortex Pink (MESH included) by Boudoir (aka Vita’s Boudoir)  by Vitabela Dubrovna and Precious Restless tp here Earrings: [MANDALA]KABUKI EARRINGs/4types included/Shangri-La PINK by 菊之介王子 (kikunosuke.eel) tp here Skin: Diva: Flat White – natural blonde eyebrows }{ Deesse’s Skins by .:Natalie:. (nataliewells) tp here Make up: Diva: Flat

getting the point with my girl bekz

Photographer: .:Natalie:. (nataliewells) flickr here Ananya Mai (left) Outfit: I ALWAYS Have a Point by Boudoir tp here (includes spiky boots, lip stitching, gloves Tattoo: !::Wicked Tattoos::i – Kat’s Ink Tattoo by Shanea Betsen (shanea.parx Earrings: [MANDALA] SINRA piercing/L/Attractive Blue Blush: L.Fauna Blusher 1 [Pale] Eyeliner: R.icielli – EOS eyeliner #1 Pink Split Tail Crop from Divine Discipline Hair: TuTy’s

New Release + eX + Rain Suit

Outfit: + eX + Rain Suit *Black Set by + ezura Xue + tp here Photographer: .:Natalie:. (nataliewells)  Skin: the body co. Ylang Ylang (01 Fair) brown brows Eyeliner: R.icielli – EOS eyeliner #1 Lipstick: PIDIDDLE – LipColor – Matte Don’t Stop Yet/ Teeth by Bru (brutus.martinek) tp here Blush: Cheap Makeup Blush

Say that you love me…

or else … Photographer: .:Natalie:. (nataliewells)  Dress: Say that you love me… by Boudoir tp here Skin: the body co. Ylang Ylang (01 Fair) brown brows Eyeliner: R.icielli – EOS eyeliner #1 Lipstick: PIDIDDLE – LipColor – Matte Don’t Stop Yet/ Teeth by Bru (brutus.martinek) tp here Hearts on face: [ :DresseR! ] Heart Stickers [RD] –

Plume D’or by Vita Boudoir! new release heaven take two!

Photographer:  .:Natalie:. (nataliewells)   Further to my previous here is the gorgeous D’or by Vita Boudoir!  For some reason I couldn’t load this image to my original post so here it is lol Outfit: Plume D’or byVita Boudoir tp here Skin: Danielle – make-up 5 – HB  }{ DS by .:Natalie:. (nataliewells) tp here Jewelry: Morantique Lush/Boudoir Earrings and

Delectable Danielle Skin by ·· Deesse’s Skins ·· and Plume D’or by Vita Boudoir! new release heaven!

      Photographer:  .:Natalie:. (nataliewells) Oh my gosh I feel so insignificant sometimes in sl!  I am surrounded with such talented and creative minds that really never cease to amaze me!  I truly find myself pinching myself though to be able to hang with such fabulous peeps 😀  NatalieWells Resident

the funky bag lady :P

Bags!!! Retro Bag  Vinil *Tea Time*, Retro Bag  Monsters *Tea Time*, Retro Bag  The Beatles *Tea Time*, Crazy Bag  The end of Waiting *Tea Time*, Old Bag  Cream *Tea Time*, Old Bag  Brown *Tea Time*, Old Bag Green  *Tea Time* LOVEEE THESE BAGS ZOMG  and they have the cutest “hold bag” animation as well thank you Tea!

Jovana Deesse’s Skins = delicious

      I think my graphic card is refusing to play nice.  Up until recently I’ve been able to take cool pics with shadows without much drama but today the pictures came out with grid lines through them.. In the viewer it seems perfect but the by-product is not

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