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sexy siren mermaid inspired babe :D

Photographer: Citta Wiskee Hi All! Yes Yes I am spamming the feeds again.  I’ve been meaning to play catch ups for some time now and since it lovely and quiet in RL it seemed like the perfect time to do so!  I pulled this look together for the final Miss Virtual

End of the World – on pause

Photographer: Citta Wiskee This outfit was put together in response to the third styling challenge for Miss Virtual World 2013!  I approached my darling friend ezura and showed her a picture and I asked her if she could make it for me.  The challenge  is below quoted: “APOCALYPSE NOW! – 2012

being judged REAL style

    *wipes the beads of sweat off her brow*  Wow, now this is an experience to remember.  Part of MVW is facing off with the executives of BOSL in a live voice interview.  This was their opportunity to drill into us and to really get to know us.  I

how late? this late lol

  Ok, ok I have been VERY behind!  Halloween is like GONE but I just loved this picture so much I thought I’d blog it nonetheless!  Surely we can keep up the festivities after the fact  😛  This picture was created by my sissy Cornelia Dyrssen.  We have adored each

and through the mist, up the virtual path, She will find you, to offer you her love served with a bowl of rice

The beautiful Skip Staheli created this beautiful pictures for me.  I have known Skip for many years now, and he is beauty inside and out.  You can see his love and passion in every piece he creates.  Skip is without par the greatest most iconic graphic artist in Second Life. 

face off with the devil who wears Prada <3

  Another styling challenge for Miss Virtual World.  We were asked to style an outfit for an interview with the scary lady from the movie the Devil wears Prada.  This is what I would wear for an interview with the diva of all divas.  You would have to be one

lingerie with a dark twist

Hello!  I have been away with RL it has caught up with me big style.  I am really hoping to catch up on my blog reviews this weekend.  This is an outfit I pulled together for one of the Miss Virtual World challenges.  I love lingerie so I had alot

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