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come out of the darkness.. and into the light my dear

This place is so surreal and stunning.  I don’t want to leave…… this music has captured my soul and the beauty of this architecture is magnificent.  A sight to behold. Top: Vive9 .: ryvolter :. Frith Knit Ribbed Crop – Cream Creator Inna Bilavio @ Uber Skirt: Vive9  .: ryvolter :. Frith Knit Ribbed

and Dahlia shall have your heart

I remember some years ago that I really wanted a Dame Vaako gown from The Chronicles of Riddick made in SecondLife.  Thandie Newton looked sooooooo incredibly beautiful and the amazing spine decor that ran down her spine blew me away.  At the time, there wasn’t a lot of mesh going around in-world

see right through me baby

So I went to the Uber event and while it took forever for me to load my gosh it was worth the wait. This corset and lingerie is so gorgeous.  Its not a perfect fit as I wear the The Mesh Project body.  There were a few sizes to pick from

And if you’re in love, then you are the lucky one, ‘Cause most of us are bitter over someone. Daughter – “Youth”

I am feeling extremely emo lately and really hoping it will pass soon.  As you may appreciate I was thrilled to log to find these outfits waiting for me.  I am still adapting to having a 99% mesh avatar so finding outfits that fit perfectly is really so much win.

she found herself meshtified within her own skin

/me cracks her knuckles Hello everyone!  Now I’ve got alot to cover so please bare with me. My rezz day 26 April 2008 so I’ve been around.  I can say I have not learned much about building or things that could actually result in me being a creator in SL unfortunately.

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