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my submission for the Eshi Mix’n’Match Contest

This was a whole lot of fun putting together.. thank you Eshi for organsing such an event.  For those of you wanting to know more about this contest click here Please visit Eshi Otawara tp here Aria Pompadour – Aria Pompadour Pants (full) – Aria Pompadour Shirt – Aria Pompadour

Eshi Otawara – Harajuku …. wow.. just wow

I have stalked Eshi Otawara‘s brand from the moment I saw some pieces on  blackLiquid Tokyoska;s flickr.  Every single piece is unique, incredible assembled, and absolutely masterpieces.. every single one…  today I present Harajuku.. Ive styled it cheeky and the way I interpret Harajuku style.  This dress not only a visual

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