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bring all the sexy creeps!

Yes I know I am late for Halloween but I found this dress by Azul and thought what the hey… why not.  It is such a smexy dress so I thought I would tease some creeps 😛 -AZUL- Luana (HALLOWEEN2014)  by Mami Jewell  tp here +:+WTG+:+ **BamboO-B** choker [DH] Cross

“Ghosts don’t haunt us. That’s not how it works. They’re present among us because we won’t let go of them.” ― Sue Grafton, M is for Malice

I am relating to this quote for a number of reasons.  I feel like I am haunted by SL or SL is haunting me.  I meet the love of my life here.  He tped out of SL into RL and married each other.  I did some cool things here and

sexy Gwendolyn by Boudoir

  Haii haii!  I do hope you all don’t get sick of my posts!  I actually found some time to log in and I am working furiously to get a handle of the work that is building up!  I am disappointed I missed Halloween as I got the most fabulous

how late? this late lol

  Ok, ok I have been VERY behind!  Halloween is like GONE but I just loved this picture so much I thought I’d blog it nonetheless!  Surely we can keep up the festivities after the fact  😛  This picture was created by my sissy Cornelia Dyrssen.  We have adored each

looking at you :P

Helloo there! sorry for the blackout RL has been crazyyy busy but in a good way 😀  I was meant to blog this ages ago but better late than never 😀 Photographer: Jade D’Angelo (jade.tison) AQ face tattoo *Story* v2 Bloodline – Rope Burns Bloodline – Whipped Torso BLOODY UNDERSHIRT – I

Dark Couture by Vita’s Boudoir for all your Halloween treats!

Photographer: NatalieWells Resident Ohhh I just Halloween!!  This has to be the most awesome time in SL!  Now, for you fashionistas wanting to keep their couture looks intact and uncompromised you simply must head down to Vita’s Boudoir and pick up a sexy dark look for your trick and treating!

NEW Release! Smoking hot in + eX + Marceline Goth Dress! Just in time for Halloween!

Photographer: Jade Tison This dress is just so out of this world and even the wonderful photographer was just amazing by it while she was shooting it lol  I do love Ezura and my first stop for alternative Fashion.  This dress can be worn in three ways, see above!  A

lush lips can be found here… with a dash of your blood to boot muahahahahhaha

In the above pic I am wearing the [FC] StitchedUp Body ScaringV2 tattoo layer with FC] Josette//RougePurCouture_L/FhangCandy.  I have been wearing this around as I shop and getting comments like.. “I dont know how it is possible as you are kinda bloody but.. you are hot!”  .. I got that a few

spookey but sexy skins!! I ALEIDA I Ingrid II – spokey and I ALEIDA I Ingrid II – spider emo

These skins are just so delicious.. I want Halloween to be a yearly event so I can parade in these skins forever in a day..grab’em now!  There is an optional I ALEIDA I Ingrid II – freckless (tattoo layer) which I am also wearing.. they are just too cute for words

Finesmith Pumpkin Print hunt

Woot woot! Finesmith is participating in the Pumpkin Print Hunt!  The prize is a stunning Forever bride set containg earrings and matching necklace.  These pieces are just so lush and would beautiful on the bride to be or simply jazz up that old favourite dress you have laying in the back

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