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adoring Anubis Style

Outfit 1: ALIX by Anubis Style by Aηυвιѕ Hαятυηιαη (anubis.hartunian) http://slurl.com/secondlife/Journey/156/187/23 Glasses:  comes with outfit Vanity Hair::Momo HP blonds by Tabata Jewell (tabata.jewell) http://slurl.com/secondlife/Waterton%20Way/183/149/42 (Nha!)Tattoo ribbon by Anitta Nha (latifah.leung) http://slurl.com/secondlife/Larsson%20Estates%203/45/163/3950 Stiletto Moody Bare Katherine (Silver Diamante) by Stiletto Moody (stiletto.moody) Earrings: J CNY – 5th Ave East, Large Diamond

auTre for the win .. period

  Photographer: Priscila Olrich Ok every outfit at auTre rocks.. they are funky fresh and the wonderful creative who I just love to death, Aurora Tremont (aka Rory) never fails to make each out as cute as be .. then filled with the most AMAZING textures! This dress is just so

time out to blog – thanks Alli&Ali – new home new hair noiceee

Hi there!  I feel like I have been away for ages.  I’ve been a busy little bee organising shows, and.. I moved to Costa Rica!!  Its lovely but of course I didn’t not my research and my house doesn’t fit on the parcel boo hoo.. I rezzed a cute little .:NsB:. SHEHERAZADE house in

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