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she will kneel before Him

As you will appreciate, most bloggers experience the delight in logging in and receiving items falling from the sky.  Often while you unwrap the goodies you find some real gems and it is one of the reasons why I love SL.  The creativity that oozes from the residents really astound

Memoirs: *SOLIDEA FOLIES* for Sydney Fashion Week twenty12 *warning pic heavy*

Director: Ananya Mai owner of IMA Inc TP to *SOLIDEA FOLIES*by Mila Tatham 1. Ananya Mai 2. blackLiquid Tokyoska 3. AntoniaXp 4. Teyara Mayo 5. Cade Nansen 6. NatalieWells Resident Host: Mesh Carter Scriptwriter: Deangelo Urqhart Show Photographer:  Anabella Ravinelli DJ: Justice Topaz GET TO BOUDOIR HERE Makeup and some skins: blackLiquid by By M z b l a c K blackLiquid

☀ ezura Xue ☀ runway show at Sydney Fashion Week today at 8pmslt! Live rappers and guerilla burlesque dancers!

  Sydney Fashion Week is drawing to its end! Expect each show leading up to finale to go off with a Bang! Today, we have ☀ ezura Xue ☀ by Ezura Xue showcasing in the french inspired stage on the Sydney Harbour! For you listening delight we also have a

SYDNEY FASHION WEEK pushes on! *SoliDea FoLiEs* today at 5amslt

Next show is for the amazing brand *SoliDea FoLiEs* by Mila Tatham today at 5amslt Show starts at 5pmslt be there to see this array of marvelous art and super chic fashion forward designs. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sydney%20Harbour/50/176/21 1. Ananya Mai 2. blackLiquid Tokyoska 3. AntoniaXp 4. Teyara Mayo 5. Cade Nansen 6.

ezura + MAI Be Goth *Black Set Exclusive item for Sydney Fashion Week twenty12

    Location: Australia ezura + MAI Be Goth *Black Set by Ezura Xue exclusive item at Sydney Fashion Week twenty12 tp here ezura + MAI Gothic Spiked Leather Collar *Unisex Black by  Ezura Xue + eX +Mai eXtreme Ankle Boots *Black w/ Spikes  by Ezura Xue blackLiquid SKIN – YOKO PAPER  by M s    B l

Inked – The Experience

Inked – The Experience Opium Fashion Agency Invites you to come and join us for two Inked- Up Shows. We here at Opium, know that fashion isnt always just clothing..or even whats on the outside. Sometimes, fashion starts at the skin. We will be showcasing the gorgeous ink work of

VERO MODERO Fashion Show at BeStyle 2

Saturday, 24 September 12pmslt (A) Saturday, 24 September 12pmslt (B) BeStyle District Agency . ================ Presents- Vero Modero Saturday, September 24th at 12:00pm SLT Join us on Saturday, September 24th at 12:00pm SLT to see the new and exciting designs of Bouquet Babii the creative force being the VeroModero brand.


Photographer: Bambi Cheri Outfit: CHANTKARE- COUNTRY 2011 by APPLO (applonia.criss) at Modovia Fashion Week 2011 tp here (jacket and skirt) Shirt: KC No.53[OjiBlouse] by kyo Milena Skin: StellaSkin/Ivory/CATDBrow/Hairbase by Bambi Cheri tp here Hair: [LeLutka]-OSCAR hair and braid – IdontBleach Hat: GizzA – Victorian C H I C [Sour] – Hat by Giz Seorn tp here Shoes: [DOCS-V2] 8

I Am Fierce. Walk-Off

Opium is proud to present The 2011 ♥(`’·.¸(`’·.¸*¸.·’´)¸.·’´)♥ ~*~*~«´·.¸¸I Am Fierce.¸¸.·`»~*~*~ ♥(¸.·’´(¸.·’´ * `’·.¸)`’·.¸)♥ Walk-Off FALL QUARTER Patch Thibaud Auditorium Final Chance To Enter This event spans the year of 2011 with quarterly walk-offs last January and April. The final walk-off will be at the end of September with finals

where or else fails.. i can blog to present these designs of VERO MODERO

      Photographer:Monica Zemenis I was meant to model at the Chasing Times show presented by Runway Republic and … *sniffles* I could not log into SL.  I submitted several tickets with LL and even with the help of one of their live customer help officers it was not

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