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The first three photos were taken by Kendall (serena.novo).  She is an amazing photographer who uses SecondLife natural beauty.  She has an amazing eye and I just love her work!  I am looking forward to booking some amazing shots soon. Elysium – Amish hat – sand Creator Ale (aleida.rhode) tp here Elysium


I’ve known Serena for years.  She is one of those friends who pops in and out of my virtual life and everytime she does it seems like no time has passed between us.  Love this girl. Kendall (serena.novo) wears clothes shape skin from the @The Mesh Project.  Hair from Exile (Beyond


Just a quick post.  I was hoping to catch up on my blog over the weekend but RL caught me.  It is nearly summer here but the weather is already warm and sunny so my mates demanded my presence at the beach… which is totally fine by me!! Elysium – Denmark earrings

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