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Boudoir Bacchus at Fairy Tales 2012

Photographer: .:Natalie:. (nataliewells) Stylist and Photographer: Ananya Mai Outfit: Boudoir Bacchus female at (aka Vita’s boudoir)  Fairy Tales 2012 Feet: Similar Barefeet tp here Hair: Vanity Hair:Eden Extension-Vainille by Tabata Jewell tp here Skin: IT GIRLS- Sui Pale / Brown Brows tp here

the undeniable pull of the Couture Vortex by Boudoir

Photographer: .:Natalie:. (nataliewells) Model and Stylist: Ananya Mai Outfit: Couture Vortex Pink (MESH included) by Boudoir (aka Vita’s Boudoir)  by Vitabela Dubrovna and Precious Restless tp here Earrings: [MANDALA]KABUKI EARRINGs/4types included/Shangri-La PINK by 菊之介王子 (kikunosuke.eel) tp here Skin: Diva: Flat White – natural blonde eyebrows }{ Deesse’s Skins by .:Natalie:. (nataliewells) tp here Make up: Diva: Flat

“Art is the unceasing effort to compete with the beauty of flowers – and never succeeding.” Gian Carlo Menotti

Photographer: AntoniaXp Model and Stylist Ananya Mai Outfit 1: Dress: Hydrangea Pink  by Boudoir (aka Vita’s Boudoir) tp here Hair: [LeLutka]-OSCAR hair  tp  here Headpiece: tp here Birds: Left bird with ribbons and Right Bird found in Persephone outfit by Boudoir (aka Vita’s Boudoir) tp here Feet: Similar Barefeet tp here  Outfit 2: Dress: Hydrangea Green by Boudoir (aka Vita’s Boudoir) tp here Hair:  Peony with

He who wonders discovers that this in itself is wonder. M. C. Escher

Boudoir Eschers Muse @ The Art of Escher  EPOCH-Legend (Yummy) Perspective Earrings @ The Art of Escher  EPOCH-Legend La Malvada Mujer – Bi #1 [full] @ The Art of Escher EPOCH-Legend Boudoir Grey leggings boot Boudoir  tp here -tb- Hiccup Tan Skin -Vamp (freckles, light sad brows) Izzie’s – Mascara Tears + Redness Tattoo more intense, Izzie’s – Sad Eyebrows, Izzie’s – Sad

Requiem for butterfly by boudoir

  Shoes: Spike Shoe Nude by Boudoir  tp here Dress: Requiem for butterfly by Boudoir (includes butterfly eyelashes)  tp here Pearl Necklace: black pearls necklace  from Find another fool! by Boudoir  tp here MIAMAI_[BL]_ChodCollection_Dakini Headdress Black (includes makeup layer) the body co. Ylang Ylang (03 Light) lipstick – fashion the body co. Ylang Ylang (03 Light) brown hair

desert rose

Another beautiful gown made for skylei Caproni the stunning MVW for Mexico by the amazing team at Boudoir. Miss Mexico National Costume by boudoir (full outfit, stockings, hat dress and shoes!!!) tp here Point B Holiday Gift madison 2 cayenne madison 2 shoulders cayenne free from analog dog .::BeautyCode::. Red Rose Necklace & Earring Set

never seen snow

  When I was little I used to scrape the icey lining of my freezer and imagined that it was snow.  I grew up in a very very hot country town where that white stuff was the closest thing to it. To this day, I still haven’t seen snow but

flowers are about… Miss Mexico!

  Hello again!  Here is the beautiful gown by Boudoir made for the stunning skylei Byron Miss Mexico 2012 Photographer: ℂaɳdƴсørɳ ™ (cornelia.dyrssen) her flickr here Outfit: Boudoir Miss Virtual World / Miss Mexico gown tp here Candy Nail #P045 Swallowtail Gold*LE -Glam Affair-Linn MedTan 06 R.icielli – EOS eyeliner #7 Exile Venus/brownsugar

boudoir for christmas

Photographer: Nim (irina.strazytski) Outfit 1:  Boudoir Open if you dare (includes hat and black head cape thingy)  tp here Gems: Finesmith Noir Umbrella, Bracelet and ring by  yula Finesmith tp here MakeUp: Pink Acid Night On The Town Lipstick – Red Skin:  [dekade.] Skins  -Claire- Light/DB/Hair/Make Up 01 (dont think this is available anymore) Outfit

house wins – Queen of Cards by Boudoir

Outfit: Queen of Cards (includes hat!) by Boudoir tp here -tb- Hiccup Tan Skin -Belle (thick brows) by Julliette Westerburg -Likeli- _Black Curly’Fro  2 -Likeli- _Black Curly’Fro HairBase by LikeLi (likeli) sotd- heart queen pendant v by luzia Ling by luzia Ling Card Suits Charm Bracelet (color) Boxed by Photon

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