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+ ezura Xue + Cheongsam Latex * + eX +

Photographer: AntoniaX Resident Look 1 + eX + + ezura Xue + Cheongsam Latex *Black Set by + ezura Xue + tp here  + ezura + Lace Ankle Boots *Black V2 by + ezura Xue + tp here  (Hand size10/L/Rings only/MANDALA /female/SIN RA 2 NAIL/red Kyoot Makeup – Cateye (Bardot) 11b  Daylight Skin -Trinity- /

IMA Inc Presented LoveCats! Watch here!

Show Producer: Ananya Mai and Taellinu Aichi LoveCats by LC (lovecat.thei) Host: Taellinu Aichi Flyer Graphic design: blackLiquid Tokyoska Music: DJ Eduardo Hyx Machinimist: CoMa (colemarie.soleil) Show Photographer: Anabella Ravinelli Poses sponsored by Avante Poses Models: Ananya Mai Blair leifstrom cara Vespucciano Chelle Hawker CJ Grantham Furry Fizgig Jessica Marville

Oh gosh what a wicked long weekend in SL!Happy Easter!

1. Pic byKira Castiglione. Models:  blackLiquid Tokyoska, Cecilia Verrazzano and moii 2. Pic by Cornelia Dyrssen commissioned for IMA Inc International Model Agency  little easter gift 🙂 Eleya Kenin, Ananya Mai,  Markski Glom, AphroditeB,   Bekz Mavinelli, Taellinu Aichi,  Cornelia Dyrssen 3. Pic by 天 (cieleste.magic) we dressed up as bunnies then

ahoyyy there!

Okies, I notice  SL Summer is going bye bye.. and it kinda looking virtual Autumn on the grid..I’m from Australia so I’m always a season mixed up.. lol soo this outfit may not be quite fitting for SL right now.. but it is perfecto this side of Australia 😛 Summer

Eshi Otawara – Harajuku …. wow.. just wow

I have stalked Eshi Otawara‘s brand from the moment I saw some pieces on  blackLiquid Tokyoska;s flickr.  Every single piece is unique, incredible assembled, and absolutely masterpieces.. every single one…  today I present Harajuku.. Ive styled it cheeky and the way I interpret Harajuku style.  This dress not only a visual

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