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ezura + MAI Be Goth *Black Set Exclusive item for Sydney Fashion Week twenty12

    Location: Australia ezura + MAI Be Goth *Black Set by Ezura Xue exclusive item at Sydney Fashion Week twenty12 tp here ezura + MAI Gothic Spiked Leather Collar *Unisex Black by  Ezura Xue + eX +Mai eXtreme Ankle Boots *Black w/ Spikes  by Ezura Xue blackLiquid SKIN – YOKO PAPER  by M s    B l

Ezura’s response to Festival of Sin yeahhh buddy! + eX + MESH . The Sins *Wrath Set † eX † e z u r a X u e

Outfit: The Sins *Wrath Set † eX † e z u r a X u e @  Festival of Sin tp here Props: ~Tableau Vivant~ 7 sins ~ Wrath @  at Festival of Sin  tp here (scene comes with pose balls but I am using my own poses to suit the dress) Skin: 02    Daylight

+ eX + Genetic Digital *Back hot new release

  oh how I missed Ezura Xue while she was away!  What I love about her brand + eX + is how unique each piece is.   When I wear + eX + I go out to cool sims like Insilico and walk around pretending I’m a sexy sci-fi warrior hehe

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