2013 BCA Pool of Hope Charity – Date Auction

2013 BCA Date Auction Poster blog


2013 BCA Pool of Hope Charity – Date Auction
I understand that I willingly offer to participate in a charity event where I will offer 2 hours of my time to be with an individual, to be determined, that will bid to win this time as a “date.”  You will be expected to arrive at last 30 minutes prior to your auction time.
First Name:
Last Name:
Do you have a preferred time that you would like to participate:

What is your ideal date:

Tell us a little about yourself:

Please forward your completed notecard and a face shot of your avie to IPUNIN PERA OR FILO TANI.


sexy siren mermaid inspired babe :D


Siren blog

Photographer: Citta Wiskee

Hi All!

Yes Yes I am spamming the feeds again.  I’ve been meaning to play catch ups for some time now and since it lovely and quiet in RL it seemed like the perfect time to do so!  I pulled this look together for the final Miss Virtual World 2013 challenge.  We were asked to pull together a mermaid inspired sexy siren look.

Hugs xoxo


Other: panties, teardrops chest and teardrops spine from  Boudoir Wash away the pain Outfit

Other: Pants and shirt from  BoudoirFishing for Compliments

Other: chest, skirt back, skirt front and stomach from  Boudoir To Know Her is to Love Her

Other: Coral reef leggings and Coral reef undershirt from Boudoir Coral reef Mermaid (MESH)

Lipstick: blackLiquid MAKEUP – deep turquoise gloss

Shoes: 24’s Wow! No. 12 platinum

Bubbles skirt: Skirt from FINESMITH SENSE OF SNOW

Hair: Magika [Hair S] Faint

Jewellery: +:+WTG+:+ **Pearly Shell** Jeweled nails +:+WTG+:+ **Pearly Shell** bangles and (Yummy) By The Sea Charm Necklace



End of the World – on pause


Ananya - Apocalypse Now blog

Ananya - Apocalypse Now (with text) (1) blog

Photographer: Citta Wiskee

This outfit was put together in response to the third styling challenge for Miss Virtual World 2013!  I approached my darling friend ezura and showed her a picture and I asked her if she could make it for me.  The challenge  is below quoted:


There are many rumors about 2012 being the end of the world. Since the apocalypse could come in many different forms, you need to decide how the world is going to end. No matter how you decide the world will end, there are many staples of an “apocalyptic environment”.

Imagine you are in the poster that announces the end of the world to the entire planet. Decide how it will end and create a styling that represents it.”

Outfit: ezura + Apocalyptic *Ananya Set (includes ezura + Apocalyptic *Ananya  Jacket , ezura + Apocalyptic *Ananya Head Scarf, ezura + Apocalyptic *Ananya Mini Top & ezura + MESH . Harlem Short Pants *Ananya):

ezura + Apocalyptic Jacket :

Jacket with hood down
Jacket Sleeves [L+R]
Jacket Head Scarf
Mini Top
Lace up belt
MESH Harlem Short Pants [7 sizes]
Alpha Pants
Resize/Stretch Manual

by  ezura Xue

Guns: #(~Brutal Weapons~) Desert Eagles by Vorador Cortes

Boots: [Gos] GTFO Boots in Camo

Hair: -dDx- Urchin Hairbase – Natural White & -dDx- Leah (Natural White)

Respirator: TonkTastic – The Respirator

Santa’s Little Helper ;)

Boudoir Christmas Blog Boudoir Christmas I Boudoir dancer blog

Photographer: Citta Wiskee

style 1:

Outfit: Complete outfit Boudoir Glametta-Xmas Burlesque (besides hair, skin and makeup!)

style 2:

Outfit: Boudoir The Sweetest Surprise (include stockings, hat shoes)

Hat: Boudoir Christmas Fairy Hat

style 3:

Outfit: Boudoir Dita Couture (includes boots and stockings!)

Hair: Tukinowaguma Herthawing Brown (comes with headpiece)




the gothic christmas queen

Ananya 1 blog

Photographer: Citta Wiskee

ezura + MAI Gothic Spiked Leather Collar *Unisex Red by Ezura Xue

ezura +  MESH . Brocade Shrug *White Set New by Ezura Xue

ezura + MESH . Mini Dress Brocade *Red Set New by Ezura Xue

ezura +  Lace Ankle Boots *Red by Ezura Xue

*SoliDea FoliEs* Christmas Crown by Mila Tatham available only @ FASHION LIMITED

booN KGI848 hair red

booN hairpieces KOKU99 red

booN gathered raised hairbase red


getting to know Her dark side

ananya 2 blog

Photographer: Citta Wiskee

ezura + MESH . Croc Leather Ruffle Skirt *Black S by Ezura Xue

ezura +  MESH . Hallow Top * S by Ezura Xue

::K:: My Daily Hat Black Set Original Mesh(non rigged) by Kitt Ragu

MiWardrobe Tattoo – Not  a Doll – Dark 1 by Neftisis Rhiadra

TuTy’s- YOUNG – Pigtails hairstyle LUMINOUS BLONDE

modern day fairytale


Ananya~Modern Fairytale....blog Ananya ~ modern day fairytale I.blog

Photographer: Skip Staheli – iconic SL graphic artist

*SoliDea FoliEs* Kat exclusive for *SoliDea FoliEs* @ KV Dream Fashion Agency

(Paper Couture) Femme Fatale Bun – Blonde

.Shi : Lacet Collar Motif {Mesh Unrigged}

[Belgravia] – Electra Boots – StandardSizing – Dark Brown

LaGyo_the odd queen’s crown black

Zaara ZC : Anaya Onyx Earrings *gold* R

mama spring is away while winter reigns… she patiently waits and dances with Her roses

Ananya~Walking on Roses..... blog

Photographer:  One of the the most amazing graphic artists in the world Skip Staheli

Dress: Countdown.Mama Spring Gown by -Countdown- (antoniaxp)

Headpiece: from Boudoir Gardener Needed outfit

blackLiquid MAKEUP – gold sheer shimer (wear) by . M ş  ß  .  (blackliquid.tokyoska)

[ glow ] studio – eyedecoradion – butterfly effect

.:EMO-tions:. * RINA * brown

once upon a sweet asian dream

asian couture by Vogue blog

Photographer: Rabia Rehula (rabia.baxton)

Dress: *VoguE*  Abagail includes gloves by Zalyn Bailey

Alienbear’s (Oriental Tang-Mui Fei II Hair pieces red)

BijouxOr Design (Gold Oriental Tang – Mui Fei set (red))

Hair: Tukinowaguma Serene Ebony

she will love you until the end of her world

Snapshot_001 blog

Snapshot_002 blog

Style 1:  ezura +  4th Anniversary Gift Dress *VIP (Top [undershirt + shirt layers] tp here
Leggings [All layers]
Flexi skirt
Resize/Stretch Manual

[LeLutka]-ALICE hair/Light Blonde

Style 2:

ezura + Wool Cap & Goggles UNISEX *Red @ End of the World Fair ** Cap is sold in Single Pack and MultiPack.

+ eX + MAI eXtreme Ankle Boots Set *Red

ezura + MAI Be Goth *Black Set (not wearing skirt(s) options)

ezura + MAI Gothic Spiked Leather Collar * Unisex Black Set

[LeLutka]-RAPUNZEL hair/Light Blonde

Location:  Ananya Mai Sim – all welcome