holding on while RL returns to a new normal

20200726 holding on

Change fatigued.  Thank goodness I have this beautiful virtual world to return to.

Location: Sevana aka Home – all are welcome

House: Riders Beach House creator Race Kristan

JIAN African Elephant FATPACK

  • JIAN African Elephant Companion
  • JIAN African Elephant Mount
  • JIAN African Elephant Wanderer

[Teegle] “Maestro” the Hanoverian Horse (Copyable) (can wear ride or rezz)

JIAN Alpaca Collection :: Wanderer (rez me!)

[Rezz Room] German Shepherd Adult Animesh (Companion)

JIAN Ragdoll Cat Collection :: Wanderer (Rez me!)

[Rezz Room] Shiba Inu Puppy Animesh (Companion)

Harmony Daisies – Tall – Pink – circle – AB – C/M

Harmony Tulips – Tall – Blue – circle – AB – C/M

Harmony Daisies – Tall – Yellow – circle – AB – C/M

Harmony Wild Loosestrife – TALL – Mustard – circle – AB – C/M

Skye Enchanted Woods V3 1 (path)


Skye Four Season Oak Tree




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