#stayhome in SecondLife Numba 9 – Boudoir please and a little machinima


20200412 close up Boudoir

20200412 full length boudoir jpg

20200412 hope jpg

I am obsessed with this location The OuterGarden https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/TheOuterGarden/144/179/23

Body, tattoo, Hair NailsSkin:

Head: GENUS Project in Secondlife Genus Head – Strange Face W001 – Mocap

Face skin: L’Etre Skin Shop – Coco Skin [Sienna Tone] GENUS  Creator Dᴀᴠɪᴅ Cᴏᴏᴘᴇʀ (dam1710)

Body Skin: L’Etre – Maitreya/Omega body appliers [Sienna tone] Creator Dᴀᴠɪᴅ Cᴏᴏᴘᴇʀ (dam1710)

Rings: Ring-Maitreya [MANDALA]Sinra Rings season 2- Creator 菊之介王子 (kikunosuke.eel)

Tattoo: .: Vegas :. Tattoo Applier Geisha and the Cat 1 Creator Vєgas (abaracdabra) @Voodoo

Nails: // L //– Clear – BENTO NAILS – MAIT/SLINK/BELLEZA Creator Ellé Revoul Mirae (divertedsl) @LEVEL Event!

Hair: DOUX– SINS hairstyle Dᴀᴠɪᴅ Cᴏᴏᴘᴇʀ (dam1710) @LEVEL Event! can be worn four different ways (check out Maia), hud with over 112 colours, two breast sizes, four fitted mesh head sizes.

Outfit 1:

Boudoir – Full outfit Hope – Floral Head Bomb, Floral Skirt Bomb, Maitreya Lara dress Panties MAITREYA Creator Precious Restless

Boudoir – Baroque Burlesque-Let them eat cake! Headpiece Creator Precious Restless

Boudoir – Baroque Burlesque-Duchess Dew – Baroque hair flower garment Creator Precious Restless

Shoes: [CerberusXing]  [CX]Ankle Bellets – Pink/Gold ( Maitreya ) ᴄᴇʀʙᴇʀᴜs ᴄʀᴏssɪɴɢ (kamayari)

Outfit 2:

Boudoir – Apocalypse Creator Precious Restless

Boudoir – Escher hat from Boudoir Eschers Muse outfit Creator Precious Restless

Necklace: * [MANDALA]Hannya Necklace/Black/ single/spine Creator 菊之介王子 (kikunosuke.eel)

Location: The OuterGarden

Music: Chouchou played on the OuterGarden Sim

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