the forgotten place





So I am still on a buyers high following my spend at The Mesh Project. which is located here.  If you want to read about it, you can do so here.

Today I managed to figure out the mesh clothes sold at The Mesh Project and its is very different to what I am used to. When you see something you want you buy the product but is like white.  Once you put it on, you will use the shopping hud to see what textures are available for that template.  When you find the one you want, you buy it and you load it through your Style Mod hud.  This hud stores your purchases/textures. I am wearing The Boutique / Clothing > The Denim Brand > Ripped Jeans, The Boutique / Clothing > Ce’lie – Cotton Midriff Tank and The Boutique / Shoes > L’Boutons > Leather Platform Peeptoe.  I am still in love with this avi however I am not 100% sold on the ankles lol  So besides my hair which is [LeLutka]-BLAKE hair L – Powder and [LeLutka]-SWISH-4in1-pony – Powder everything on me is available at The Mesh Project.


This sim is called the Forgotten City and I found it on  Wendy Castillo’s Facebook. She takes the most amazing photos of SL sims.  I’ve been to two of the sims she has posted on her wall.  She is also quite the interior designer and decorator and amazing blogger.  Check out her blog here

I’ve used a range of windlights and lost track of them however most of them are Ana Cigarro‘s setttings. Ana was kind enough to blog her wind-light settings.  She even made them available to download.  Check out her this blog post here

Love Ananya Mai x

5 Replies to “the forgotten place”

  1. а как игра називаится?

  2. Annan Adored says:

    gorgeous photos <33 thank you so much:))

  3. […] Ok I know I know.. I am spamming the feeds with all of my posts (here and here) and now just plain darn narcistic selfies but omg I am just O.O over these mesh heads and bodies. […]

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