Her name is Gina

-AZUL- Gina Aqua-AZUL- Gina Aqua I -AZUL- Gina Aqua II -AZUL- Gina Aqua IV

Ok ok i know I said  a couple of days ago I wanted less glamour on my blog but when I received these gowns….. I kinda like feel in love and COMPLETELY changed my mind lol!!  This is the beautiful Gina by the iconic brand -AZUL-.  I have loved -AZUL- for such a long long time.. years and years.. you get the drift.  To be able to blog these is such a pleasure and an honour.  I will include two pictures below which goes back…. gosh..three years ago.. maybe more?  They were taken by an amazing photographer which unfortunately we don’t see anymore.  You will see -AZUL- quality was superb years ago and still is to this day.  In my personal opinion, its only getting better.

Anyways, back to this beautiful gown called Gina.  I have a lot of depth of field going on so I have lost some of the details in the photos.  The lace is exquisite. Its comes with pretty much everything you see here.  Mesh gloves dress headress and so on.  This dress is sold in a variety of colours such as: Mint, Coral, Onyx, YellowTourmaline, Garnet, Aqua (which is the one Im wearing) turquoise, champagne, sapphire, pearl, amethyst and peach.

Dress: -AZUL- Gina Aqua by Mami Jewell  tp here

Hair: >TRUTH< Siri w/Roots – champagne tp here

Azul I Azul

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