Looking in this virtual window for a little bit


hello II

hello I

Hello everyone.  I don’t know if anyone would be reading this which is fair enough.  If anyone goes AWOL for an extended period its bound to happen.  More so in this virtual world.

So the last hiatus went for about 10 months.  My husband build me a new PC for our anniversary.  I have only played SecondLife on a laptop and I must say this is quite the experience.  Its like.. “almost” lag free lol

So I come back and of course wanted to kill some obligatory shopping because that is my poison of preference haha gosh I sound like a wank but anyhoo….  there are a few changes.  I see some iconic stores closing down or going to the Marketplace only.  It took me two days to get into Collabor88 which was like just wow.  As soon as I got in I bee-lined for the ISON boots.  At L$188 they are a steal.  So tempted to get the fatty pack but I just don’t know how long I will linger this round.

So to me.. (and be mindful I have been a RL cave for close to a year) I have found those mesh heads and bodies to be OUT OF THIS VIRTUAL WORLD LIKE OMG WOW.  So I am doing the math and it will cost me just over 50 bucks to get the body and head from The Mesh Project  and I think I can almost justify it.  I haven’t played in close to a year… which means I haven’t spent any of my hard earned RL money in that time…. so I would have SAVED by not logging in.. and with those savings… I can buy me a mesh body and head with BLINKING EYES KDJFKLA;JDFKDJAKJFDL!!  So.. if anyone is reading this I would so appreciate your thoughts and comments.. recommends whatnot.. and yes I know I can GoogleFu it but… yeah.

Anyways… I cast my eye over my blog and my gosh its filled with lots of pretty gowns etc.. which is tres cool.  However.. I would like to see if I could some less glamourific posts…

Boots: ISON – thigh high hoove boots (brown) at Collabor88 

Top: *COCO*_TurtleneckSweater_White tp here

Shorts: *COCO*_DenimShorts_Black tp here

Jacket: *COCO*_BomberJacket(Hands in Pockets)_Midnight tp here

Hair: [LeLutka]-SCARLET hair – PralineFade tp here

Locaton: Fresco tp here


3 comments on “Looking in this virtual window for a little bit

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