Boudoir beauty


Duchess Dew

Le Mort d'Amour


Let them eat cake


Lust for life

The Baroque Burlesque collection is absolutely stunning. Each outfit is complete with hair, hair pieces and shoes.

1. Baroque Burlesque-Duchess Dew by Boudoir  (I am wearing my own skin, shape and tattoo, everything else comes with the outfit)

2. Baroque Burlesque-Le Mort d’Amour by Boudoir 

Also wearing:

MB – The Posture Collar creator Yhis Khorana

Marquise Patent Leather shoulder piece & collar – This is from the Indyra Originals Couture – Marquise I: Chinese Laquer outfit creator Indyra Seigo

For the top right picture I added Boudoir  Irena hair RED!

3. Baroque Burlesque-Let them eat cake! by Boudoir 

4. Lust for Life by Boudoir 

*DOLLCOCO*_Body(snow) (this is a retired model) by cocoro Lemon

*DOLLCOCO*_Head(snow)_Kyoko  (this is a retired model)by cocoro Lemon


Love always, Ananya Mai



Sim:  Boudoir 



2 comments on “Boudoir beauty

  1. Lovenica Valentine says:

    Love it!

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