Mesh hands?! appliers?? perfect skin matches? WOW



hands p


Ok so like have been gone a while.  Can’t expect technologies to freeze of course.  But I came back to MESH HANDS  AND AND SKIN APPLIERS!!!  Ok ok Im slow off the mark but I’ve been in a rl cave and I am just stupid excited.  I always sucked at matching skins to feet, hands, ears, heels and yeah get the drift. Now I put on an applier and like magic ITS PERFECT MATCHED!!!  I don’t know who came up with this idea first BUT all I know is that Slink has it!  I went in and grabbed the fatty pack.  Love love love!  I also heard there are mesh heads around?!!  omgggggg right now I wish I could make one of those!!

Anyways, so I am blogging about these mesh hands and I am guessing many of you would be like “yeah tell me something new?” however it is new to me and it is AWESOME.  If you have been in a rl cave and never heard of it before, I strongly recommending giving it a go.  Its alot of fun.

I move to my dear friend::Natalie:: (nataliewells).  She has been producing some extremely sexy skin and I’ve seen it debut on  a few blogs!  Now its my turn. I am reviweing Daiane and she is hot hot.  She is not yet release but get ready coz she is coming soon!  I used Deesses applier and pretty much pressed a button lol and it matched the skin on my mesh hands WINNING!  I ended up stripping off the fabulous new dress made by antoniaxp of -Countdown- (which is so utterly cute) and wearing my Enchanted Forest Nymph outfit by Boudoir so you can see more of the skin 😉 (opps hhhaahhaa I left my watch on!)

Deesses Skins: Daiane – Skin base – cold milk SOON TO BE RELEASED tp here

Used Deesses Skins: Slink Avatar Enhancement – Art nails tp here

Countdown.Britney Purple Floral Summer Dress: Include dress and boots by -Countdown- (antoniaxp) tp here

Enchanted forest nymph wreath from Enchanted Forest Nymph outfit by Boudoir (formerly known as Vita’s Boudoir) tp here

{Handmade} Priscila Lipstick – Party Purple

Slink Avatar Enhancement Hand Splayed with Slink Enhancement Hands Alpha tp here

aDORKable Poses: Jewels


Please note, beside a crop here or there.. well you may have already noticed due to the noobness  lol anyways.. non edited pics 😛

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