the noticeable differences





After being away from SL, wordpress and flickr I have picked up on so many changes.  Not bad changes though.  I am feeling like a noob all over again.  Even the infamous Fashion Feed of SL looks like its had an incredible makeover.

This said, inworld, the fashion is still fierce and loves ones are still loved.  I am glad to see the busyness is still thumping through the virtual veins of SL. ALSO I had to do a clean reinstall of Firestorm and WOW I can now take photos with dept of field! jkfdj;ajfdjfdjfajfjf;afk I have never EVA been able to do this with my humble little laptop!  So YAH completely freaking thrilled thank you architects of Firestorm!

I see the Hair Show is still going strong which is really fantastic.  I am glad it was my first destination for my “right click buy” madness.  At least I know that the compulsiveness will see part of the funds to the Wigs for Kids campaign.  I may post a few buys later on 😀

Bohemian girl outfit (top, skirt and gorgeous headpiece) by Boudoir tp here

.: vive9 :. Ginta in Ivory Tone – Base

MrS – VOGUE – afro vaporous hair – mahogany


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