she slips into the virtual lights filled with wanderlust





Hello my virtual friends ❤

I doubt you would even remember me given my close to six months absence from SecondLife.  During this time I didnt even log into WordPress, Flickr or check emails.  My virtual world really did my head in and I needed out.

So what did I do in six months?  I trained six days a weeks, cycled over  70kms for RAC Freeway Bike Hike 140 kms, then another 70kms in the other direction a month later, ran in the 5k Color Run, 12km HBF run for a reason, travelled and completely revamped my lifestyle to being somewhat healthy.  

I came back after training and I just needed to unwind.  SL pulled me back.  Here are some wonderful goodies by my darling sisters at Boudoir (formerly known as Vita’s Boudoir).  

Outfit 1: 

Enchanted Forest Nymph by Boudoir – includes absolutely headpiece tp here

[LeLutka]-LORELLA hair/Fades PACK at Hair Fair 2013

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