sexy siren mermaid inspired babe :D

Siren blog

Photographer: Citta Wiskee

Hi All!

Yes Yes I am spamming the feeds again.  I’ve been meaning to play catch ups for some time now and since it lovely and quiet in RL it seemed like the perfect time to do so!  I pulled this look together for the final Miss Virtual World 2013 challenge.  We were asked to pull together a mermaid inspired sexy siren look.

Hugs xoxo


Other: panties, teardrops chest and teardrops spine from  Boudoir Wash away the pain Outfit

Other: Pants and shirt from  BoudoirFishing for Compliments

Other: chest, skirt back, skirt front and stomach from  Boudoir To Know Her is to Love Her

Other: Coral reef leggings and Coral reef undershirt from Boudoir Coral reef Mermaid (MESH)

Lipstick: blackLiquid MAKEUP – deep turquoise gloss

Shoes: 24’s Wow! No. 12 platinum

Bubbles skirt: Skirt from FINESMITH SENSE OF SNOW

Hair: Magika [Hair S] Faint

Jewellery: +:+WTG+:+ **Pearly Shell** Jeweled nails +:+WTG+:+ **Pearly Shell** bangles and (Yummy) By The Sea Charm Necklace



2 Replies to “sexy siren mermaid inspired babe :D”

  1. Martha says:

    I ❤ this style!
    But it gets me a bit frustrated coz I cannot buy it 😦
    After the whole mess with L$ exchanges I’m left without mine operating.
    I’ve found this list of new companies
    and it says that you can buy L$ in Podex Exchange –
    But I’ve never heard about them before.
    Does anyone know them? Or any other exchange I can use without PayPal?

    I want to go shopping!! 😦

    • Ananya Mai says:

      Ohhh that is a shame! I have my payment details linked to my SL account, so even though its dangerous when I go on my “right click buy” storms I always have enough lindens!

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