End of the World – on pause

Ananya - Apocalypse Now blog

Ananya - Apocalypse Now (with text) (1) blog

Photographer: Citta Wiskee

This outfit was put together in response to the third styling challenge for Miss Virtual World 2013!  I approached my darling friend ezura and showed her a picture and I asked her if she could make it for me.  The challenge  is below quoted:


There are many rumors about 2012 being the end of the world. Since the apocalypse could come in many different forms, you need to decide how the world is going to end. No matter how you decide the world will end, there are many staples of an “apocalyptic environment”.

Imagine you are in the poster that announces the end of the world to the entire planet. Decide how it will end and create a styling that represents it.”

Outfit: ezura + Apocalyptic *Ananya Set (includes ezura + Apocalyptic *Ananya  Jacket , ezura + Apocalyptic *Ananya Head Scarf, ezura + Apocalyptic *Ananya Mini Top & ezura + MESH . Harlem Short Pants *Ananya):

ezura + Apocalyptic Jacket :

Jacket with hood down
Jacket Sleeves [L+R]
Jacket Head Scarf
Mini Top
Lace up belt
MESH Harlem Short Pants [7 sizes]
Alpha Pants
Resize/Stretch Manual

by  ezura Xue

Guns: #(~Brutal Weapons~) Desert Eagles by Vorador Cortes

Boots: [Gos] GTFO Boots in Camo

Hair: -dDx- Urchin Hairbase – Natural White & -dDx- Leah (Natural White)

Respirator: TonkTastic – The Respirator

2 Replies to “End of the World – on pause”

  1. Olela says:

    Stunning outfit *_*
    I want it!

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