and through the mist, up the virtual path, She will find you, to offer you her love served with a bowl of rice

The beautiful Skip Staheli created this beautiful pictures for me.  I have known Skip for many years now, and he is beauty inside and out.  You can see his love and passion in every piece he creates.  Skip is without par the greatest most iconic graphic artist in Second Life.  much love and respect my dear friend.  This picture is a dream for me, and quite literally.  I had a reoccuring dream when I was a little girl, about a woman that came to me with a bowl of rice… it happened for years.  I was filled with goosebumps when I saw this picture, I had no idea what theme and scene Skip was going to create.

Outfit: *VoguE* Ananya include shoulder Fur by Zalyn Bailey.  I am honored thank you ❤

.Shi : Imperium Hat {Unisex} [Mesh Unrigged]

Nail Nails Formanails – Form Long – Design ORIENT


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