+ ezura + at CINEMA


Photographer: Cornelia Dyrssen

Model: Ananya Mai

Yayy my favourite alternative second Life designer is participating in the CINEMA Event!  And just wow just take a sneak peek at her outfits!  She has really outdone her self with these designs.

Event : CINEMA
Date : October 13th – 31st

Starting October 13th, Cinema will bring you into a massive and beautiful, intricately designed multiplex cinema featuring 8 individually themed theaters. You’ll be immersed in the movie going experience, and in true Hottie Cooterati style, we will have some fun surprises awaiting you.

More about Cinema : http://hottiecooterati.com/2012-events/cinema-2012

ezura Xue is one of the sponsor and we have 2 NEW Exclusive items for the event in the horror category!

Style 1 : e zura +Mummy Bride Set Pictured above

Style 2: Ezura +  ezura + Jester Latex Ballerina *Black Set ezura + Ballerina Latex Shoes *Black Set (includes all you see.. bar my makeup, skin and shape)

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