Liberty must be limited in order to be possessed. Edmund Burke



I love it when I receive  a dress, that literally inspires my mind and fingers to style with no effort.  This was the case for this dress.  Note!  It is limited to only 50 copies so grab yours quick.  There are so many ways to style this gem.  And with only 50 copies you are getting a real unique piece.. if I was to work out the math 50 copies would mean that only  one in every 70 000 people would have it!  lol math and I never got along

Photographer: Ale (aleida.rhode)

Model and Stylist: Ananya Mai

Dress: GizzA – Chicago Blues – LIMITED EDITION by Giz Seorn

Hair: >TRUTH< Bria w/Roots – champagne

Earrings: P.C; Crystal Chandelier Earring Paper Couture

Ring: Paper Couture P.C; Diamond Fan Ring

Headpiece: LaGyo_Bizarre flower headpiece

Bracelets: JCNY – PICASA GEMSTONE, Hyper-Gems Bracelets

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