Memoirs of SYDNEY FASHION WEEK TWENTY12 blackLiquid makeup, skins and accessories for SFW YOKO SKIN!

blackLiquid SKIN – YOKO Flesh,  blackLiquid BROW 2  (dark brown), blackLiquid MAKEUP – hot pink matte,  blackLiquid MAKEUP – pink glitter shaddow and blackLiquid PIERCING – Winehouse

Featured Designer: b l a c k L i q u i d  -. M ş   b ℓ α c к  . (blackliquid.tokyoska) Skins, Makeup, Hair and accessories

Ananya Mai owner of IMA Inc , Sydney Harbour and SFW

Main build: Salvuccio Damiano

Host: Chamonix Boudreaux
Scripter: Chamonix Boudreaux

DJ: teresa Lectar

Show producer: Markski Glom and  M z b l a c K blackLiquid Tokyoska

1. Tai Galicia
2. Janet Brink
3. Ashia Denimore
4. Chelle Hawker
5. Zaara123 Resident




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