new NYU delights

I always knew NyuNyu Kimono is raw SL talent. Lets see..she ran one of the most awesome malls and model agency in SL, she is a kick ass builder, photographer and BEAUTIFUL person through and through.  She has the voice of an angel and the biggest heart out there.  I have nothing but respect for her.

Now, to adding to her list of creditials she is now a fashion designer and boy her items are amazing. From her prims to her mesh she is just fantastic.  Love love love

Now I am wearing the Nyu – Debut, Vintage Blouse Red and it is mesh.  This blouse is also available in four colours being Reds, Blues, Browns and Nudes.   In each pack, you get four sizes (1 – 4) and two types of blouses, one with the collar/scarf  in the same color as the blouse and an alterative blouse with a different colored collar.

It comes in 4 handy sizes as well which is just fantastic.  The blouse is perfectly structured and sits perfect on me and I am wearing size 2.  I’ve teamed up the blouse with the Nyu – Debut, Hi-Waist Pants, Tan.

Glasses: NYU – Nicole Sunglasses, Darks (Chin) by NyuNyu Kimono tp here

Bag: NYU – Suede Leather Bag, NYU – Suede Leather Bag, Black(R-Hand) by NyuNyu Kimono tp here

Blouse: Nyu – Debut, Vintage Blouse Red by NyuNyu Kimono tp here

Pants: Nyu – Debut, Hi-Waist Pants, Tan by NyuNyu Kimono tp here

Lipgloss: PIDIDDLE – LipColor – Glossy Classic Red / Teeth tp here

Makeup.: vive nine :. Lyse Lips (Sticky) & Deep Blush SPF100 tp here

Skin: .: vive nine :. SP.: vive9 :. Lyse in SPF103 Cleanser Base – Lip2/BlondeBrow/Full103 Lip Option

Pose: *kc*E Handbag pose Righthand  by Ena Criss ( I think I got a pack from the Marketpace but creatores profile has a store in it tp here)

2 Replies to “new NYU delights”

  1. love!! and omg why do we always end up wearing the same skins LOL but we wear it so differently. love it on you! ❤

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