” I could fill an entire second life with working on my prints” by M.C. Escher

Oh my goodness just wow wow wow!  The EPOCH Event is literally blowing my mind away.  In these shots I am posing at  The Art of Escher and it is just so surreal I feel like I’m on a natural high lol I am so glad I took some time out of my normal model activities to check it out.  As I understand it, the event is held over three separate venues:

  1. Beast;
  2. Clowning;
  3. The Art of Escher.

I got this nc at the EPOCH Creators Cafe and I’ve pasted its text below. I implore you to check it out today!!

Art of Escher / Beast / Clowning
26th FEBRUARY – 11th MARCH 2012 (PST)

“EPOCH” is a brand new festival you won’t want to miss.
To creators and designers, it’s a great opportunity for showcasing
what they do in SL. They create something for the event, put their
unique point of views into items, and collaborate with other designers to
inspire each other. Also EPOCH will be a perfect chance for shoppers
and art fans to check talented designers and their latest works all at once.

On the 26th February, very first EPOCH event called “EPOCH-Legend”
will be open. We’ve got more than 50 shops, 3 themes and 4 venues
to present you the best 2 weeks fair full of fun.

[[ Shop in 3 themed venues! ]] ================================

We have 3 themes; “Art of Escher”, “Beast” and “Clowning”, and exhibit
each one in the themed venue on different sims. Hop from one to another!

Theme : Art of Escher
Venue : hosted by Forgotten City, decorated by Uriah Eulenberg
Participants : 2byte / Del May / Epoque / ISON / La Malvada Mujer / maitreya
NERD PROJECT / nordari. / Nylon Outfitters / skin&bones
vespertine / Vita’s Boudoir / Vive9 / Willow / Yummy / {what next}

Theme : Beast
Venue : hosted by Tee*fy, built by Azure Electricteeth
Participants : (pda) / *Art Dummy! / *deviant girls* / [pivaaca] / AITUI TATTOO
Antebellum / BALACLAVA!! / Cheap Makeup / graph* / Ladies who Lunch
LaGyo / mijn.bötique / Olive Juice / PIDIDDLE / Sleepy Eddy / Tee*fy
Toki-Doki / Whippet & Buck / Zigana

Theme : Clowning
Venue : hosted by North West, built by Picnic
Participants : *mikan / *MY UGLYDOROTHY / Beetlebones
Body language by Sweet Lovely Cute / Boudoir / COYURA CREATION / duboo
Five minutes after / fore / House of Fox / HPMD / Iruco / Lisp Bazaar
LOVE SOUL / Milk Motion / North West / Ohmai / Picnic / PRISS / The Secret Store

EPOCH Shopping Guide features each one of their items.

[[ See you in Creators Cafe! ]]

All 3 shopping venues are linked with our portal “Creators Cafe”.
This cozy hang-out / landing area is hosted by beetlebones, built by
suetabulous yootz and Anya Ohmai.

Here we have designers’ T-shirts for sale, photo gallery, movie theater,
music event… even changing rooms are available for you to unpack
the box you’ve got from shopping venues.

~everyone’s T-shirt, for sale at L$50 each.~
Participants : Beetlebones, mijn.bötique, NERD PROJECT, Ohmai, Toki-Doki

So don’t forget to bookmark on our Blog, Shopping Guide and Flickr Group.
We have all of participants’ websites listed on our website too.

Main blog, News

EPOCH-Legend Shopping Guide

Flickr Group

Style Card:
Bodysuit and headpiece: Pretty Pierrot by Boudoir at Clowning @ EPOCH
Leggings: Maitreya MCEHT Leggings @ The Art of Escher @ EPOCH
Hair: L+N Queen of Clubs Hair A.I.W. Collection W/O Flower BLACK
Gloves: [celoe.mery.gloves.mine]
Collar: Maitreya MCEHT Collar – XXS/XS @ The Art of Escher @ EPOCH
Tear: mijn.t [Pierrot le Clown] – black tear & glow – CHIN – DU III (old Designers United item)
Skin: -tb- Hiccup Tan Skin -Mummer (thin brows) (old Designers United item)
Lashes: Cake – Rag Doll Lashes – Tintable

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