she is rare


The pink and black hat *SoliDea FoliEs* Di sole e d’azzurro_pink black hat is an exclusive for Fan Limited Store at the special price of 100L$ and only in 50 limited piece after it will be no more available in the stores

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she wants to dance

ONE POUND BRACELET (forearm attachment) gold bake by Shade Throne  by Undo Hermano  tp here
THE ONE POUND NECKLACE gold bake by Shade Throne by Shade Throne by Undo Hermano  there
THE EMPIRE earrings gold by Shade Throne by Shade Throne by Undo Hermano  there
[[SHADE THRONE]] LOVALOT BRACELET (forearm piece A) by Shade Throne by Undo Hermano  there
Flasher – Hearts of Queens tattoo (foot) 1 By Gavin McGinnis
Tattoo Dragon_GoK_soft 3 (single and underpants) by danel Kurosawa

** DIRAM ** LA FOLIE Sunglasses-Gold by djod.karu

booN gathered raised hairbase pink by boo.nakamura

booN KGI848 hair pink by boo.nakamura
.: Vive9 :. Cropped Bustier – Specialty.Aluminum Jacket
[ PXL ] Mouth_open_Addon_v6 (Mod/Copy)
[dekade.] Skins -Claire- Light/LB/Make Up 06
Pink Acid Night On The Town Lipstick – Red by stasey.oller