GizzA – Galliano Inspiration shall never be shadowed

There was a time where I saw shadows in SL and was able to take pictures of them but then Kirstens Viewer was no longer supported and things just went to poo.  I was back to seeing the norm.  This morning, while I should have been getting ready for our trip to Bali Saturday week I thought bugger this.. I want shadows as I really want to do a post on my house in Costa Rica with all the trimmings.  So I literally spent hours on this.. Of course I went to the SL Oracle of beautiful pictures and second to none advice blog by Strawberry Sighe and found this amazing post on the Exodus Viewer.  What I just love about Strawberry instructions is that she is so kind, patient and explains everything in detail without getting lost in translation.  She even put up a little youtube video.  Now with Strawberry amunition under my belt I knew I was going to win this battle lol

It took me some time, I uninstalled my other viewers, cleaned up my discs, did a defrag and upgraded my graphics card.  I then downloaded the windlight settings from Berrys Windlight Settings and also Torleys Windlight Settings  and away I went.  Took me a while to figure out the viewer though but “kinda” sorted it out.  It can be downloaded from here

GizzA – Galliano Inspiration  by Giz Seorn tp here

McQueen Goth Boots by Megg Demina

Hair: Sky Everett Designs-Cerdwin Rococo black WO/lights/diamonds

Cheap Makeup Blush Type 2- Coral 7

-tb- Hiccup Tan Skin -Mummer (thin brows) (no longer available)

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