sepia stained

I really do have this wonderful home in Costa Rica and and I am going to blog it soon because in my opinion it is worth blogging. Anyhoo, I rarely spend time there as I am usual butt naked in my office at work  trying on clothes.  But today, I actually spent the day chillin out there and it was so lovely..  As I was mucking around with some not so new meshy gear I’ve seen rotating around the blogs I found this style and .. well .. liked it 😀


Old Bag  Cream *Tea Time* by Eloindir Davi tp here

[celoe.nikola.trousers.caffee liqueur]

Maitreya Mesh Athena Sweater * Beige

R.icielli – EOS eyeliner #1

.: vive9 :. RITA Boots in Chocolate

:GP: Honey [Light] Jasmine-Tangerine 1

[LeLutka]-IRMA shirt/tan

Maitreya Voluminous Scarf * Seashell (Chest)

Cheap Makeup Blush Type 2- Coral 7

[ PXL ] OpenMouth addon [ Wear ME ]

R.icielli – EOS eyeliner #1


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