off with the birdies

Now I don’t have the biggest inventory but I have a shocking memory which really sucks when you try to style lol its nothing like going through your rl wardrobe now isn’t it?  A mate of mine asked me today about these shoes and she linked me a picture to the rl ones.  Im like “oh yeah I know these” but having a memory of a fish helps nada.. I had an idea but my search was not finding these gorgeous shoes.. anyhoo.. with much searching I found them and I thought I would post them so I would remember in the future!  I guess I am using my blog as a wardrobe now hehe

-tb- Relaxed Kimono – Birds

.: Vive9 :. Cropped Bustier – Specialty Aluminum

.: vive nine :. Ironed in AshBlonde (deeproots)

/artilleri/ Maggie tattoo

[ m ] Le Plateau Heel White & Black by Magnifico Miggins (pumps with birds lol)

Emery – Denim Highwaisted Debby [Latte]

LG Femme_Knot belt walnut

Osakki // HAMUR. MetalCuff Copper RING [ R]

P.C; Polished Stones Ring – Orange

PIDIDDLE – LipColor- Truly Naked / GappedTeeth /

R.icielli – EOS eyeliner #1

THE GOSSIP NECKLACE earth by Shade Throne

Ear Candy ~ Key of Life Multi Tortoise Bangles in Gold R

Candy Nail #NS000 Basic Dark Pink

*Glance Skins – Gwen – 05 – Cleavage

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