Happy Times!


I just wanted to wish everyone a very safe, aweseome Holidays and an incredibly wonder new year!

Now, I was talking with some friends about the usual, “whats your new years resolution?” kinda deal and two of friends came back with some great comments.

Greg replied with something like, I dont do resolutions because I always fail them lol  But what he does is four “things” every year.

He said, every year he ticks at least four boxes:

  1. Soul
  2. body
  3. Mind; and
  4. Selfishness

What he aims to do every year is challenge himself with an activity that ticks all boxes at once, even though its not necessary.  Last year he went on hiking trip to Aztecs and he said, he soul somewhat connected with the lifestyle there, his body got fit from the hiking, his mind learned of many new things couture and selfishness… a trip to the aztecs lol its pretty self explanatory..


Another one of my friends said she does something similar.. she said she just sets “goals” instead of resolutions like eating healthier etc..

anyway.. I thought I’d share lol random I know!

Dress: Miss Christmas by Boudoir  tp here


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