Dark Couture by Vita’s Boudoir for all your Halloween treats!

Photographer: NatalieWells Resident

Ohhh I just Halloween!!  This has to be the most awesome time in SL!  Now, for you fashionistas wanting to keep their couture looks intact and uncompromised you simply must head down to Vita’s Boudoir and pick up a sexy dark look for your trick and treating!  A huge thank you to Natalie who made such amazing pics!  We had so much fun going from sim to sim finding haunting backgrounds lol much love girl

Look 1

Outfit: Vita’s Boudoir Red Demon Heroine (comes with eyes and makeup)  tp here

Skin: 02b  Daylight Skin -Trinity- / fancy (hairbase) *REDGRAVE*

Look 2:

Vita’s Boudoir Guja-Snake Queen (includes tongue lol)  tp here

Hair: Wavy ponytail1 black Wavy ponytail2 from Vita’s Boudoir Liquid Latex Boudoir outfit  tp here

Facial Animator by KiiTos

02b  Daylight Skin -Trinity- / fancy (hairbase) *REDGRAVE*

Look 3:

Skin: -Glam Affair- Gio Light – D HB 02  by あいーだ まじっく (aida.ewing) tp http://slurl.com/secondlife/Beauty%20Avatar%20couture/163/134/24

Outfit: Vita’s Boudoir Little Red One   tp here

Boots: Leggings Boots red by Vita’s Boudoir  tp here

2 Replies to “Dark Couture by Vita’s Boudoir for all your Halloween treats!”

  1. O

    Your pics are DIVINE.

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