wooot! The Inked show was the best EXPERIENCE!

Photographer: AntoniaX

Opium fiercely presented Inked – The Experience

Owner: Anastacia Markova


AcIde Innovia of [Acide!] tp here

ちーさん (chiaki.xue) of **Dura-Girl** tp here

Mrs. Metal Mouth (trisha.zweig) of  :Hebenon Vial: tp here

Brodie Landar of Ink’D Up!  tp here

Khurt Vhargon of v3 Tattoo tp here

[16:22]  Opium Host shouts: We start off with Ananya who sports Hebenon Vial’s Indie tattoo. Various flowers intertwine with vines with human and elephant faces peeking out from the foilage. The facial piercings called Anonymous promise to make you anything but. A fish hook nose ring clasps between the nostrils, pointing to a series of mouth studs lining the lips. Two rings hug the bottom lip with spheres looped through them. Paired with the Dura Girl 14 hair in black, she may look sweet but we know she is spicy hotness. Let’s hear it for Ananya!


[Acide!] Chained Bracelet [Acide!] Enlace moi [Acide!] Enlace moi- Hand –  tp here

FP :: Sadowara :: Black :: Made in sculpted by Flax Pye SKIN_PRIM

**Dura-Girl**14(Black-Flower resize) by ちーさん (chiaki.xue) tp here

..::Beauty Killer::.. CL Shades (Transparent)


al vulo-  Vero* red teeth claveage Hb bronze

*L.inc* Micro Bikini Black

tattoo :Hebenon Vial: Indie [90%] 1 and :Hebenon Vial: Anonymous piercing  tp here

(NS) Cigg- White animation


[17:01]   OpiumHost shouts: As for what kind of play that is, Ananya’s lips are sealed by Acide’s Fleur de Sang, criss-crossed chains with a rose dotting her pucker. She excudes bad-girl next door appeal in the Dura Boys&Girls 17 hair, a cropped cut fit snuggly under a texture changing hat. Completing her bad good girl image is Ink’D Up’s Alice tattoo featuring characters from the popular tale along her arms and chest.

[Acide!] Fleur de Sang [Mouth]  tp here

:sey D.L.Belt

Dura-Boys&Girls 17(Blonde)resize

[addiXion – StarS belly Tattoo – HIGH TAN ] UNDERPANTS

Ink’D Up! :ALICE: 1 tp here

PIDIDDLE – EyeColor – METRIC – Hot Pink tp here by Bru (brutus.martinek)

..::LeGaL InSaNiTy::.. Pink Pasties tp here by DATRIP Blackbart

>>GothiCatz<< Conscience – leggings and >>GothiCatz<< Conscience  –  skirt


[LeLutka]-EclatSTan-makeup7(LIGHT BROWS)

[EY:NO] Smoking Flamingo Cigarette 4


Morantique/Pink Paun earring tp here by Mo Miasma

[17:13]   Opium Host shouts: Dolce works the room in her Love me Hate me tattoo with stars on her midriff and a sword on her back alluding to its namesake. The streaked braids in her Girl 19 hair show she’s not one to be messed with. Ananya matches in an equally bitchin’ style with the same hair, looking like she rolled out of bed from a wicked hangover. Her Ameera tattoo weaves a different tale filled with delicate flowers mingling amongst vines of fleur de lis. Truly they are a sight to behold.

*Dura-Girl*19(Blonde)resize tp here

v3 Tattoo – Ameera – Black 1 tp here

(A type/R)JYUZU SINRA bracelet/female/resizable/silver moon Mandala

(B Type/L)LEATHER SINRA Cuff/female/resizable/silver m Mandala

(Hand size10/L/Rings only/MANDALA /female/SINRA 2 NAIL/red


:)(: Spiky Boots Black&Red Size M   :)(: Pixelfashion

:Hebenon Vial: Pitch Piercings [V.2] tp here

small[MANDALA]SENJYU Eearrings Black Hole/Bright touch On/Off

Studded bikini/Red/ by +grasp+

::DT:: MakeUp – EyeLiner – nr 2 Dutch Touch

– Glam Affair – Sakura D – TDR 27  by あいーだ まじっく (aida.ewing) tp http://slurl.com/secondlife/Beauty%20Avatar%20couture/163/134/24  (not sure if this skin is still available though)

Candy Nail #NS000 Basic Dark Red

Production Team:

 Anastacia Markova – Owner Opium

Maddox Kaestner –  Show Director

Anigma Eulenberg- Script Writer

Lorelie Maggs- Set Design

Veracity Afterthought – Textures

Harlee Lane and Kiana Lexensrat- Dj/Mc

Runway Models:

 Anastacia Markova

Adonis Hansome

Ananya Mai

Angelik Lavecchia

Anigma Eulenberg

Dolce Panache

Herradura Barr

Kenshin Xevion

Locked Semaphore

Lorelei Maggs

Maddox Kaestner

  Rhonda Pennell

Rhonda Pennell

Veronica Krasner

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