The White Armory, *Plume* hair and Alienbear debuts at Dreams May Come True Show Produced by Eleya Kenin


Photographer: Anabella Ravinelli

My dear friend Eleya asked me to model in her show that she had to produce for her class assignment.  I was so completely honored by this.  Leya doesn’t do anything in halves. She left no stone unturned.  The runway was perfect and magical, the invitation was the palace runway we modeled in, she picked the best show producer in SL and got sponsorship from the best of the best.. like… The White Armory….. *Plume* hair… and gems by Alienbear!

Also in the show is Miss TWA herself Irina Strazytski and the lovely Macoron Resident.

Round one

Dress:The White Armory Mystic Mermaid Gown by Bee Dumpling tp here

Hair: *Plume* –  Fragrance/Platinum by Fauve Beaumont Jameson  tp here

Jewelry: Alienbear’s (Mimmi Necklace S2 (teal)), Alienbear’s (Mimmi bracelet teal), Alienbear’s (Mimmi Earring S2  (teal)) by Alienbear Gupte (alienbear.gupte) tp here

**CC** – Cole’s Corner – Water Faerie Breath  (nose) by ColeMarie Soleil

-Glam Affair- Amelie Natural – Bl HB 05  by あいーだ まじっく (aida.ewing) tp

Dutch Touch ::DT:: MakeUp – EyeLiner – nr 2

24’s Wow! No. 12 platinum shoes

Round two

Dress: The White Armory  Marion of Loxley Gown + Sword: Robin of Sherwood  by Bee Dumpling tp here

Hair: *Plume* – Jeux d’enfants/Platinum by Fauve Beaumont Jameson  tp here

Jewelry: Alienbear’s (Sumati Dark Necklace(Red)), Alienbear’s (Sumati Dark Earrings(Red)) by Alienbear Gupte (alienbear.gupte) tp here

Shoes: BAX Ankle Boot Red+ Suede

-Glam Affair- Amelie Light – Bl HB 08  by あいーだ まじっく (aida.ewing) tp

TWA Robin Of Sherwood Sheath Robin Of Sherwood Sword by Colton Drechsler

Round three (elves)

Dress: The White Armory Dance of the Elves Gown  by Bee Dumpling tp here

Hair: *Plume* – Vogue/Platinum by Fauve Beaumont Jameson  tp here

Jewellry: Alienbear’s (Mayur Necklace (Mystic Teal)), Alienbear’s (Mayur earrings I & II mystic teal), Alienbear’s (Mayur II forehead Tiara (teal)), Alienbear’s (Mayur ring teal), Alienbear’s (Mayur bracelets teal) by Alienbear Gupte (alienbear.gupte) tp here

Maitreya Gold – Shanti Green

**CC** – Cole’s Corner – Water Faerie Breath  (left pec) by  (colemarie.soleil)

LOGO Classic Elf Ears- by Maximillion Grant

Skin:  -Glam Affair- Amelie Natural – Bl HB 11 by あいーだ まじっく (aida.ewing) tp

Skin Tattoo: [White~Widow – Face Tattoo] Tinker Bell Green by Stan Jigsaw tp here

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