+ eX + Genetic Digital *Back hot new release


oh how I missed Ezura Xue while she was away!  What I love about her brand + eX + is how unique each piece is.   When I wear + eX + I go out to cool sims like Insilico and walk around pretending I’m a sexy sci-fi warrior hehe  I dragged my friend Klet Glas out with me and she took these amazing photos omgg I just love her photographry!!   Klet is also an amazing blogger with THE MOST FIERCE STYLE  check out her blog here http://ladybugsandchocolate.wordpress.com/

Outfit: + eX + Genetic Digital *Back by Ezura Xue tp here

Hair: Tukinowaguma Velox Ebony+Accessories

Skin: 11b  Paper Skin -Trinity- / cyanDream (hairbase) *REDGRAVE*

Makeup: PIDIDDLE – EyeColor – METRIC – Smokey by Bru (brutus.martinek) tp here


Shoes: + ezura + DIGI Boots CL ex11-03 *Black by Ezura Xue tp here










2 Replies to “+ eX + Genetic Digital *Back hot new release”

  1. Klet says:

    You are soooooo sweet hun! Your Bog is awesome :]

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