Jovana Deesse’s Skins = delicious




I think my graphic card is refusing to play nice.  Up until recently I’ve been able to take cool pics with shadows without much drama but today the pictures came out with grid lines through them.. In the viewer it seems perfect but the by-product is not *sobs*  I updated my drivers and still no love.. very sad

Anyways with these gorgeous Deesse’s Skins you don’t need a ultra high setting as they are just stunning without.  these picture straight out of sl with no post editing.  The creator of Deesse’s Skins.:Natalie:.nataliewells is just a go getter and constantly strives to produce quality skins which are unique, bold and edgy.

Head on down to her store and try them today :DD

tp here


DS }{ Jovana – Dark – natural (black hairbase)

DS }{ Jovana – Dark – makeup 6


DS }{ Jovana – Tan – makeup 10

DS }{ Jovana – Tan – natural (black hairbase)


Jovana – Medium }{ Deesse’s Skins

DS }{ Jovana – Dark – makeup 1

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