after six months i find out that… i can see shadows in sl – boudoiring in awesome sl shadows

i’ve had this new laptop for about six months and when i first bought it i though yipeee i hould be able to see shadows now.. but i didnt.. then……

today i browsing the fashion feeds and thought id give it another go.. crashed over and over again (sorry to my friends my online offline spam) to no avail… i had a little rl sad and then my hubby said.. are you using the grapic card?  im like of course.. i just log in shouldnt it just be there doing its business.. but.. apparently no.  he said i should update my driver and open SL with the high processing option..

so i did

and now i see shadowss!!  i am using viewer 2 and my graphic setting is ultra..  all the boxes were ticked including the shadow box

-Glam Affair – Sakura 02 Light BL

Sweet Iris Hair by Vita’s Boudoir tp here

Dorothy Pumps Pink Vita’s Boudoir tp here NEW

Hawaii Tropic swim suit Vita’s Boudoir tp here

Boudoir Summer Bag Vita’s Boudoir tp here

Dark Mouse Waves & Sun Necklace, bracelet and earrings

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