The Niven Collection 2011-Paint Splash Dress



Photographer: Cornelia Dyrssen

The Niven Collection 2011-Paint Splash Dress by Scarlett Niven tp here

Hair: (epoque hair) Warrior – Genetic I’m wearing the (epoque hair) Hairbase – Bliss which comes with the pack. from Hair Fair 2011 tp here

Earrings:  MD – Earrings Missy – Yellow by Mystics Bailey

Bracelet: Zaara by Zaara Kohime

Shoes: I ALEIDA I Malene pumps  yellow by Ale (aleida.rhode) No longer available 😦










2 Replies to “The Niven Collection 2011-Paint Splash Dress”

  1. Scarlett Niven says:

    Great styling and photo, Ananya! Love it.

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