AvCON Productions Presents House of Europe Fashion Event

June 22, 2011 –  AvCON Productions, a fashion event production group, today announced that new design releases from House of Europe, will be presented in a show format on Saturday, June 25th at 2:00pm SLT.

These fashions are the creations of Didier Rascon, owner and designer of House of Europe.  The show will be presented in the AvCON Productions Auditorium located at http://slurl.com/secondlife/candylicious%20II/85/91/30

Fashion designs presented in this show will be available for purchase at House of Europe store located at the AvCON Shopping District

AvCON Productions is a new concept of showcasing a designer using motion. Creative designs in Second Life fashion are put on the screen using TOP SL models.  These multi-purpose videos can be used for promotions, in-house store displays, and advertisements of many sorts.  In addition, AvCON Productions will be producing fashion shows in new and exciting ways to showcase the designer’s fashions. The vision of AvCON Productions is to be a trailblazer for SL designers as they face a new frontier in commercializing and branding their creative work.

House of Europe is a fashion design company owned by Didier Rascon.  The designs are for both females and males featuring evening gowns and dresses  for women  and formal and casual for Men.


Candylicious Forster
CEO, AvCON Productions

Didier Rascon
House of Europe

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